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We're not a traditional restaurant, so we understand that you may have some questions. Below are a few of the most common ones we are asked.

  • Where do I start?

    First off, let us get you something to drink. After that it’s up to you. Some people prefer to start with soup and salad and finish off with stir fry, some people prefer it the other way around. Whatever seems like the most appetizing option to you, is the road you should choose.

    I’m a vegetarian, can I eat at your restaurant?

    We are proud to be able to accommodate you, your lifestyle choice and your appetite. In addition to tofu, our buffet is stocked with a wide variety of noodles, vegetables, and fruits. Once you’ve picked your ingredients, proceed to the grill where our grillers will be more than happy to clean a spot on the grill for your vegetarian creation. And of course a separate set of cooking swords will be used to ensure your meal does not come into contact with any meat.

    I have an allergy, can I eat at your restaurant?

    The answer, once again, is absolutely. We are a peanut free establishment (with the exception of some desserts which are produced in an environment which may contain traces of nuts). As with a vegetarian creation, we ask that you make our grillers aware of your allergy once you have selected all of your fresh ingredients. They will then proceed to clean a portion of the grill for your use and grab a clean, unused set of cooking swords to ensure that no other ingredients come into contact with your meal.

    Can I take home my leftovers?

    Yes and no. You may take home your leftovers if you opt for the meal (one trip up to the grill). If you choose the feast (all you can eat), you can’t horde your leftovers. All of our food waste is disposed of utilizing an organic waste program

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